Paid Search Pricing - Plain and Simple

We keep our pricing straight forward and transparent. We won’t lock you into a contract, because our results speak for themselves.

Pricing is Based on Your Budget

What is Your Budget?

Most large companies allocate certain amounts to marketing, and have a marketing staff who are dedicated to making sure the money is spent wisely and maximizes the budget dollars.

We are happy to work with those companies and focus solely on making the most of the pay-per-click budget.

But we are always happy to work with smaller companies, and develop a monthly budget that makes sense. Many businesses are seasonal, target specific geographic areas, or are best served taking advantage of certain times of day for their advertising. That is our specialty, and what makes NTS so special and different from the mass advertisers, where you’re just another number.

Just Sum it up Already

Done. We charge 15% of your ad buy monthly. For that, you receive very personal attention, daily monitoring of your results, custom reports that are easy to read and understand, and successful campaigns.

For very small budgets, we do have a minimum charge which supports the personal attention, and that minimum is a $200 per month service fee on top of your ad spend.  That gets you every bit as much attention as customers who may spend tens of thousands on their marketing, and will get you the same fantastic results.

Services You May Not Have Thought of

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