Search Marketing for Smart Businesses

Why is NTS so effective?

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Personal Attention

Our team  will create, manage,  optimize, and most importantly work closely with you to maximize your marketing campaigns and achieve the highest possible returns. That is our goal and our promise.

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Targeted Marketing

Every business has a target market – sometimes statewide, sometimes nationwide, and sometimes just your local neighborhood. We are specialists in working with you to determine your target markets and making the most of your marketing budget.

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Paid Marketing Optimization

We leverage what the industry calls dayparting (but is really just scheduling) to meet your needs, and constantly monitor and adjust bids, keywords, and results to make sure your campaigns are performing at the highest level. 

NTS has a Mission

Our mission is to leverage our years of experience to benefit our clients – by constantly following trends, improving our standards, and most importantly, listening.

And unlike others, we will never lock you into a contract – because we respect our customers, and our results speak for themselves.

SEO and Marketing Strategy

We have 20 years of industry experience in developing marketing strategies that make sense – and profits. Our SEO experts will work hand-in-hand with your website developers to integrate our strategies into your existing site to move you up the ranks in search results along with your paid campaigns. This is a recipe for success!

Pay-per-click and Targeted Marketing for any Industry

We take the time to analyze your industry and needs in depth, and work with you to determine a game plan that will make the most of your marketing budget. And if there is a reason this type of marketing isn’t right for your business, we will tell you. Straight up.